Using technique’s and applying the philosophy of software written by Daragon over the years, We are proud to introduce ‘MyAssetTracker’ which is designed to easily and thoroughly track in a completely secure and accurate fashion, scheduled Calibration, maintenance and repairs of GMP assets...

Never fear another regulatory audit. My•Asset•Tracker software can be installed and maintained for as little as $200 a maintenance a month, offering a more functional and efficient solution with no maintenance headaches. Optimized for remote use, information can be securely accessed through any VPN internet connection. From managing assets, to electronically pdf forms, My•Asset•Tracker alleviates organizational and paperwork burdens through this automated, easy-to-use service.

Start a Support Session   |    Download Update for current users. | Prerequisites (SQL2014)(SQL CLR Types, SQL Report Viewer, SMO Objects )

Now Available... - Version 1.0

Version 1, just introduced in January of 2017, takes managing your regulated assets to a new level of efficiency, using the latest programming tools, a new simplified interface allows quicker access to all tasks at hand without jumping in an out of the screens. But some of the best time savers are with the change of the scans to being saved as PDF’s which allows the forwarding to other parties via attachments as an email, emailing of status updates, A general purpose letter, the MV seizure forms, and 30 day expiration letters all of which can be sent via e-mail and a copy saved to the scan folder with a single click of the mouse. Also the Outstanding Checks/Reconciliation can be done after the fact now as opposed to just the current month in earlier version of NJCC. Almost all of the lookup screens can be sorted to make finding information easier along with new Search screens which provide more ways of finding related dockets. All of this means less printing and faxing and more time spend chasing defendants for money instead of doing paperwork.

Supported Operating systems are Windows 7 or 8 or 10 with 1GBb RAM min. and 2-4GB recommended. Windows 7 or Windows 8 or Windows 10 Professional are the preferred environment. Microsoft SQLEXPRESS 2008R2 or above is required (SQLExpres 2012 or above recommended). 5-10GB of free hard drive space is recommended. For the computer with the sqlexpress DB software an Intel I5 processor and 4 or moreGB RAM is highly recommended.

NOTE: While the use of Windows XP with myAssetTracker does not in itself at this time pose any operation issues, the use of XP is not reccomended any longer due to the highly changing virus landscape on the internet today. Since Microsoft Windows XP is no longer supported by Microsoft with security updates, It is both dangerous and negligent to use njccSQL on a PC that has internet access in today's environment especially with a database which contains confidential info such as njccSQL. As a result, Daragon Software Inc does not condone the continued use of myAssetTracker with any operating systems except Windows 7/8/10 8 with the latest service packs and updates from Microsoft.

Please feel free to contact us at (or 201-986-2047) to find out more about this amazing software.