At Daragon, we are dedicated to improving the efficiency of our clients’ IT systems and overall business function. Our long-term partnerships allow us to customize our service and programming options to fit specific client needs and budgets.

Disaster Recovery and Data Backup
Now more than ever, businesses must protect their most important asset: their data. From financial records, to detailed client information, Daragon can help companies design, customize, implement, and test disaster recovery and data backup plans. Talk to a Daragon expert and never fear another impeding disaster or system crash again.

With the growing demand on IT infrastructures, companies are now faced with the challenge of adapting to new, flexible infrastructures while still adhering to strict budgets. With the latest innovations from server virtualization technology, our specialists can help customize virtual plans that cut operational costs while streamlining system performance.

Cloud Computing
Our cloud computing solutions offer clients premium protection, control, and privacy over hosted documents and data. With our consulting services, our experts have the ability to formulate a cloud strategy that fits the tightest specifications and budgets.

Specializing in the installation and hook-up of one of the best, yet more complex, fiber optic services in the country for businesses, our experts can help install your Optimum Lightpath network attachment. Ensure a strong, accurate connection from the start with Daragon.

Project Management
Encompassing qualified, high-end experts in the fields of engineering and business, our project management team specializes in understanding the complex correlation between Information Technology and overall business function. Not only can we assist in project planning and implementation, but our holistic approach allows us to optimize IT while driving business production and growth. Ticket Management service is a web based service designed to facilitate the tracking and distribution of Service Requests between the your end users and the Information Technology Department with any internet connected PC/MAC or mobile device. Please contact your designated IT Department contact at to sign up for this service.


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