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If you are a Law firm interested in bulk uploading new claims to the New Jersey Superior Court into the E-Courts system, please contact us for customize a (windows based) utility program whcih will enable your firm to upload multiple cases at a time..

Just Released..... Ticket Management service is a web based service designed to facilitate the tracking and distribution of Service Requests between the your end users and the Information Technology Department with any internet connected PC/MAC or mobile device. Please contact your designated IT Department contact at to sign up for this service.

New Jersey Court Collector version 4.1 . . .

Version 4, just introduced in October of 2014, takes managing your office to a new level of efficiency, using the latest programming tools, a new simplified interface allows quicker access to all tasks at hand without jumping in an out of the screens. But some of the best time savers are with the change of the scans to being saved as PDF’s which allows the forwarding to other parties via attachments as an email, emailing of status updates, A general purpose letter, the MV seizure forms, and 30 day expiration letters all of which can be sent via e-mail and a copy saved to the scan folder with a single click of the mouse. Also the Outstanding Checks/Reconciliation can be done after the fact now as opposed to just the current month in earlier version of NJCC. Almost all of the lookup screens can be sorted to make finding information easier along with new Search screens which provide more ways of finding related dockets. All of this means less printing and faxing and more time spend chasing defendants for money instead of doing paperwork.

This new version has been written from the ground up with the latest software tools available. With a fresh look at how to simplify the interface (select the docket once and then do all work necessary for that docket) and modern enhancements such as E-Mailing responses and letters, Using PDF as the scan format so you can safely attach a scanned document and e-mail it directly from the NJCC program to scanning a barcode on most return documents originally generated from the system to make selection of the Writ faster and more accurate. All reports that are previewed can be exported as a Word Document, Excel spreadsheet or saved as a PDF. New features include a 'General Purpose' free form letter (which is creates which prints with your letter head), A new 'Ad-hoc' search of the Docket History log.
NJCC version 4 module for Warrants of Removal is now Available and will be installed automatically with version 4 of NJCC..

Please feel free to contact us at (or 201-986-2047) to find out more about this amazing software.
(Inquiries from other States welcome).