New Jersey Court Collector Updates

Updates for current Version 3.x users are listed below. NOTE: TheĀ files are encrypted and will only work for the intended end user.

njccSQL v4.1 installation file, x86 32 bit

NOTE: njccSQLv4 requires MS .NET 4.5 or later,
Version 3.2 Updates
update for Falzini, William version 3.2.1128 update for Dickson, Kenneth version 3.2.1128
List of Changes to Version 4.X
Date Revision Description
1/18/24 4.1.1316 Add Screen to allow management of deposits for tracking Manual Certificaton to E-Courts.
12/28/23 4.1.1315 Modify program to allow duplex printing for writ to be on back of levy, Modify program to allow for uploads to Fein Such & Kahn.
12/1/23 4.1.1314 Modify program to allow Larger password for FTP sites.
11/29/23 4.1.1313 Modify program to correct warning info on correct amounts collected on companion writs.
11/20/23 4.1.1312 Modify program to correct proberly reporteing PRO_SE writs with multiple payments in a month to NJ Unclaimed Funds.
09/29/23 4.1.1310 Modify program to allow drag/drop files from the scans tab to other programs such as the desktop.
07/15/23 4.1.1309 Modify program to allow importing dockets feature to make ammended judgements.
06/30/23 4.1.1303 Modify program to automatically adjust the balance due on a Levy to the remaining balance due - monies being held at a bank for a prior pending levy. Change Audit leter to state 'is not in aggreement' (added 'not')
01/03/23 4.1.1304 Feature
06/30/19 4.1.1303 Modify program to automatically adjust the balance due on a Levy to the remaining balance due - monies being held at a bank for a prior pending levy. Change Audit leter to state 'is not in aggreement' (added 'not')
06/30/22 4.1.1301 Modify program to automatically adjust the balance due on a Levy to the remaining balance due - monies being held at a bank for a prior pending levy. Change Audit leter to state 'is not in aggreement' (added 'not')
06/30/22 4.1.1300 Modify E-MAil Handling to allow for use of Third Party Verfied E-Mail System.
06/30/22 4.1.1299 Modify Return sheet to handle Warrants of Arrest Status.
05/30/22 4.1.1298 New Feature to Create NUAPA file to upload Check Deatils to NJ Treasury for unclaimed funds.
05/29/19 4.1.1273 Add messages to warn of monies collected on other open writ nos. with the same docket number. Add warning messages to advise that a writ has been previously returned, opened and then you are trying to return it again.
03/21/22 4.1.1272 Update to Dollarage Motions to allow for Docket to include Defendant Number in choosing the docket.
03/21/22 4.1.1271 Implementation of feature to import 'Credits' from a text file in order to help minimize errors and the time necessary for tracking of credits and dollarge payments from an attorney.
02/23/22 4.1.1270 Numerous enhancements to tracking of collection of monies on other open writ (issue) no's which are open in order to prevent overcollection of total monies due on a judgement.
11/23/18 4.1.1169 Make enhancements to Levy Certifactions screen (Motions) to impove ability to have multiple users add diferent dockets to the systm at the same time. (DB update by DS Support Req'd)
10/15/18 4.1.1267 Add Feature to Scan a Generic Document (not associated with a Writ) to the My Documents Folder on your PC.
9/10/18 4.1.1266 Spanish Version of Notice to Debtors, New Feature to Re-Print Prior Levy/NTD forms (rev .13 includes latest fixes for Levy History tracking.)
8/19/18 4.1.1165 Add Option to Levy Tracking form to list Chattles never Levied, EnhanceLevy Cancled to automatically update only the exact bank and warn if other levys are open for that docket. (DB update Req'd)
8/1/18 4.1.1264 Add feature to print An Audit Verification Letter to a Defendant
7/2/18 4.1.1163 Add ability to Email Overdue Payment Notice to Defendant
6/25/18 4.1.1162 Add Writ Statistics Screen, Excel Report on Lawyer List to list Active lawyers w/o Emails
5/28/18 4.1.1261 Add DOB to Garnish Letter if available.
4/22/2018 4.1.1259 New Forms for On Hold Dockets and Overdue Payments.
4/3/2018 4.1.1258 Add feature to import cleared checks from a Tab Separated Text file
3/26/18 4.1.1257 Changes in Physically Returned Log Report to better reflect return status to court based on monies collected from defendant., Warning MSG added if Levy Exists on Prior Issue No., Add checkbox to expired writs form to exclude writs with open/pending Levys.
3/18/18 4.1.1256 Numerous enhancements to writs with multiple defendants to better track all deposits.
2/22/18 4.1.1255 Add Defn DOB for Levys if available (requires DB Update by daragon)
2/8/18 4.1.1254 Add checkbox to Auto Select all notices with e-mail addresses on some notifications batches.
2/1/18 4.1.1253 Add ability to select infocards types for auto addition to list. (requires DB Update by daragon)
1/5/18 4.1.1251 Add Checkbox to simplify Safe Deposit Box Levy Certification., Improvments to Wage Tracking including tracking of Insufficient Income (requires DB Update by daragon)
1/2/2018 4.1.1250 Report Engine updated to version 12(2015) requires pre-requisitse to be updated.
12/1/17 4.1.1249

Add Tracking of Levy Returns with No Funds so re-levys can be automatically done
( NOTE: This update requires the DB to be updated by Daragon)

11/15/17 4.1.1248 Add feature to efficiently add Levy Return Results
10/30/17 4.1.1246

Update to allow for docket to be entered multiple times with different defendants each time and the same writ number, New check mark to differentiate Held in abeyance with or without dollarage protected.
( NOTE: This update requires the DB to be updated by Daragon)(no longer compatible with 3.x)

5/18/17 4.0.1140 Modifications to allow for Seliplaw to communicate with status updates, Modify system to treat the Plaintiffs Email(if available) as the attorneys email address if Docket is Pro-Se.
5/16/17 4.0.1139 Modification to the program to enable compatibility of all features with Windows 10 Build 1703
4/11/17 4.0.1138 Add featue to Import SSN screen to manually add an SSN to the 'archive list' when SSN supllied by an Attorney prior to reciving a Docket from the Court.
1/24/17 4.0.1137 Corrrections to exclude Dollarage payments on 'Refunds' and include on reconcilliation., Add separate report for Overdue Scheduled Payments.Add button to E-Mail all 30-Day notices with 1 button if email available.
12/22/16 4.0.1136 Add Feature to allow choice of types of status updates automatically sent
12/20/16 4.0.1135 Add ability to choose to send a copy of 30 day Exp. Notice to court house.
12/12/16 4.0.1134 Change Browser for Scanned Docs to stop showing individual pages and then let you scroll thru the pages of a multipage document and choose to print all pages or just an individual page of the document.
9/30/16 4.0.1132 Addition of feature to Send an Email to your county to notify them you sent the 30 Day Notice to Atty.
( NOTE: This update requires the DB to be updated by Daragon)
9/2016 4.0.1131 Correction to marking POB 5% satisfied,
9/15/2016 4.0.1130 Initial Release of Warrants of Removal Module
7/21/16 4.0.1128,9 Change medthod of transferring Satus Updates and Remitannce info to Pressler to FTPS from HTTPS. Corrections to excel report for Levy Funds Tracking
6/7/16 4.0.1227 Numerous changes to Garnish Satisfaction Letters and e-mails, Change to Return Sheet to reflect dollarage fees entered as credits for purposes of trust account reconcilliation to be listed as Officers Fees collected to the court when returning a writ.
04/11/16 4.0.1226 Add Button to E-Mail MC Release letter to MVC office, Correction to Docket Info Screen (Dollarage Collected),
Add calculation of refunds based on Dol. Bal. when Officer fee is checked instead of Judgement Bal.
Add Lawyer No. to Attorney List on SSN Request, Add Exp. Date to Excel Report for Levy Funds Tracking
03/21/16 4.0.1225 Add ability to change to any Name and Address on refunded checks by choosing type., add ability to e-mail the return sheet
03/12/16 4.0.1224 Add Amedned to NTD for an amended writ., corrections to numerous reports
2/23/16 4.0.1223 Change NTD for Certification to reflect Judgment Balance instead of Actual Amount levied per AOC.,
Change Outstanding Check Screen to require manual entry of Working Date. Update ODBC screen to automatically list Available servers (Req's updates to SQL prerequisites)
2/4/16 4.0.1222 numerous improvements to memory manangement fro better performance, fix to dates for deposit analysis report criteria,
12/0215 4.0.1221 New feature to automaitcally track the amended date when the judgment is changed. Add judgment Balance to Overdue Letter, Fix typos on satisfaction Letters
11/11/15 4.0.1220

Add Fields to Track Plaintiff and Defendant E-Mail Addresses, (DB Update required)
( NOTE: This update requires the DB to be updated by Daragon)

10/29/15 4.0.1219

Correction to excluded voided checks from Unclaimed checks, and to Voiding and Unclaimed Check.

  4.0.1218 Corrections to Import Credits
10/6/2015 4.0.1216 Correct E-mailing of CO55 so a NTD will print out as well after the email is sent., correct Outstanting levy tacking to Warn user when there are multiple levys to update the status manually.
10/1/15 4.0.1215 Correct Outstanding Check List and Check register to include Unclaimed Checks, change outstanding check screen to list all outstanding as of the date selected (Shows acutal cleared date, but lists check on screen if cleared date is after the selected As Of date.
09/29/15 4.0.1214 Change history line from 'Cash receipt from defendant' to Cash receipt applied(XXXX type) to better reflect in history where the cash receipt came from.
09/22/15 4.0.1213 Add extra info to E-mail body for status updates to include Issue Date, Type, Expires date, VJ number
08/05/2015 4.0.1211 Add feature to e-mail reconcilliation to the county courthouse, Fix totals on Excel spreadsheet for Disburments to plaintiffs,
alter return info to ignore credits on return status.
07/20/15 4.0.1210 Add Execl report on Outstanding Screen to list All Checks, Add ability to fill in the Last Levy made info for cancelations
( NOTE: This update requires the DB to be updated by Daragon)
07/07/15 4.0.1209 Add feature to allow for returning Officer fee(dollarage) to the Trust account so you can re-imburse it thru the system.
06/22/15 4.0.1208 Update Levy tracking to show Open Levy's have been amended if printed with the Amended Writ notice.
06/19/15 4.0.1207 Corrections to FTP Retrieving/Importing of SNN files, corrections for typos in Initial Notification e-mail.
06/7/15 4.0.1206 Change Levy screen to allow turnover if levy occurred before expiration of Docket.
05/28/15 4.0.1205 Add feature to Drag and Drop a PDF file into the scan folder of a docket.
05/05/15 4.0.1204 Add ability to change margin on selected checks and reports / add auto change on Wage to Emp_Verified if cash posted.
R4 - Limit Individual/Refund/Split Check screens to not show On Hold Checks.
04/28/15 4.0.1203 Add functionality to process updates to FTPS servers (Remittance, Status Updates, SSN Request)
04/15/15 4.0.1202 Updates to Writ Register.
03.30.15 4.0.1201 Add Automatic Status Update for Pressler upon printing of 1st Notice to Defnedant. (R4) Correction to docket search to include full Second SSN in search. (R5) Correct 30-Exp Ltr to reflect Pro-se if necessary.
03/12/15 4.0.1200

Alter Return Expired button to print return sheet/writ automatically.
Add Detailed Writ Register which includes all History Details for a docket.
R6 (Fixes Excel report on Expired Log)
R7 (adds warning of Pending Levy, Asks to Print Held in Abeyance Leter toPOB if held on main screen).

02/27/15 4.0.1199 Add ability on Writ Register to choose All Writs or Just Open writs, Modify Post a deposit to allow entry of Money Levied before writ expired to be entered when recived after writ expired. Add 'Warrant of Arrest' to Types on Return Sheet.
R2 adds a button to Print Expiration Notice to Defendant form 30 day Epiring Screen.
02/11.15 4.0.1198 Changes to Return Expired to relect Directive allowing to hold on to Writs with recent payments for additional 60 days, Improvments to Return a disbursement to handle tracking and transfer of dollarage to new docket.
01/28/15 4.0.1197 Numerous Spelling Corrections, Correction to history for Remittance updates
01/12/15 4.0.1196 Add Tel. and Fax of Atty/POB to General Letter is available/ Add ability to customize Garnish Status Update Message (Req. DB Update)
01/06/2014 4.0.1195 Add Appropriate Phone and Fax no's to Wage Satisfaction Letter,Corrections to fix upload Check remittance info to pressler (R5)
01/05/2015 4.0.1194 Add Bank List Report and add ability to include Inactive Items
12/31/2014 4.0.1193 Add Attorney and POB List Reports
12/22/2014 4.0.1192 Button added to Rename Scans
12/15/2014 4.0.1191 Corrections to fix upload Check remittance info to pressler (R8) Addition of questions to allow refund or normal deposit for POT Terminated Cash Receipts.
12/10/2014 4.0.1189 Add Feature to Track Wages not being paid., (R4) Fixed Levy Cert History Tracking (R5) Fixed Personal Item Levys
12/3/2014 4.0.1188 Add ability to save Levy Certs/Turnover Orders to Scan Folder
12/2/2014 4.0.1187 Add feature to E-mail Infocards/Notifications/Attorney 30Day Notice if already on the Batch list to Print. Corrections to how overpayment refunds are caclulated and saved.
11/30/2014 4.0.1178 numerous corrections to sorting tables
List of Changes to Version 3.X
Date Revision Description
9/15/18 3.2.1126-8 Spanish Version of Notice to Debtors
1/15/18 3.2.1125 Add ability to add 'Amended' note to Levy Affidavits and Turnovers. Also add ability tomake Affidavit of levy for Safe Deposit Boxes.
6/6/17 3.2.1124 restrict MTD Totals to high users only
7/17/16 3.2.1122 Change Uploads to Pressler From Https to sFTP
6/7/16 3.2.1121 Change to Return Sheet to reflect dollarage fees entered as credits for purposes of trust account reconcilliation to be listed as Officers Fees collected to the court when returning a writ.
2/23/16 3.2.1120 Change NTD for Certification to reflect Judgment Balance instead of Actual Amount levied per AOC.
10/29/15 -
3.2.1119 Correction to excluded voided checks from Unclaimed checks, include Unclaimed Checks on Check Register Report, change Outstanding Checks report to work with As Of Date.
08/7/15 3.2.1118 alter return info to ignore credits on return status. , Changes to Writ register Cirteria
05/14/15 3.2.1117 Add Cleared date to outstanding checks
2/27/15 3.2.1116 Add ability on Writ Register to choose All Writs or Just Open writs, Modify Post a deposit to allow entry of Money Levied before writ expired to be entered when recived after writ expired.
2/11/15 3.2.1115 Changes to Return Expired to relect Directive allowing to hold on to Writs with recent payments for additional 60 days
1/15/15 3.2.1114 Remove references to Credits on Returned Notice on Writs
9/30/14 3.2.1111 Numerous changes to make version 3 compatable with Version 4 database
8/6/14 3.2.1108 Signature added to CO55 so you can Print to PDF (with acrobat or CutePDF or similar program) so you can save it as a PDF to attach to an Email to send to the DMV via E-Mail.
7/21/14 3.2.1107 Modify Officer Fee to include 5% POB Retainage. per L.G.
6/26/14 3.2.1106 Correction to bounce a Check
6/12/14 3.2.1105 Modifications to Physically returned Excel Report
5/08/14 3.2.1104 Additional Changes to Writ Register
4/18/14 3.2.1103 Add CO Fax No. to Defendant notifications and forms.
4/9/14 3.2.1102 Modification to Writ Register report. (Exclude satisfied Writs)
3/12/14 3.2.1099 Addition of Writ Register summary report ( NOTE: This update requires the DB to be updated by Daragon)
3/07/14 3.2.1098 Changes to 30-Day Exp. Letter, Add Attorney Fax No to Notification Card, Add Status to Docket Analysis.
2/27/14 3.2.1096 Change Post bank Levy's to have the Levy Notice date be updated as the notice date on all forms and history when posted.. (PLEASE NOTE: This update requires the DB to be updated by Daragon)
2/25/14 3.2.1095 Correction to Overpayment Refund Address Change, Changes to30Day Exp. Notice.
2/21/14 3.2.1094 Changes to Dokcet Log and Writ Register to better be in line with new Directive, Add 30 Exp letter to Attorney
(PLEASE NOTE: This update requires the DB to be updated by Daragon)
2/11/14 3.2.1091 Add VJNo and Issue and Judgment dates to Docket Log and Writ Register(History Log)
2/10/14 3.2.1089 Limit Bank and SSN requests to Open Dockets Only.
2/7/14 3.2.1088 Add Bank Levy request Letter, change date entered to date issued on Account Sheet and Writ Register(History)
1/21/14 3.2.1084 Improvements to include complete month for released checks in Opening balnace of Reconcilliation.
1/14/14 3.2.1083 Follow Up Action Reports added
1/13/14 3.2.1082 Numerous typos corrected on 6 reports,History Log name changed to Writ Register, Follow Up Action added to program. (This version is currently being Beta tested)
11/22/13 3.2.1080 Corrrection to remove duplicate entry on Disbursemnet Totals Report if a Refund Check was placed on hold and released in a separate month.
11/11/13 3.2.1079 Add Check for existing Garnish Letters if Status changed to Held in Abeyance.
11/4/13 3.2.1078 Change Notice to Def. date Entered to judgement date on inital entry of docket.
10/15/13 3.2.1077 Add Check to limit posting 'Credits' to the balance due only.
10/14/13 3.2.1076 Add Purge Old Scans to manitenance section
9/26/13 3.2.1075 Change Notice to Defn. Date from Entered to Judgment Date., Correct Update Totals Utility
9/10/13 3.2.1074 Add fax no to Affidavit of Levy.
7/10/13 3.2.1073 uploading status and ssn requests to additional lawyers via internet.
6/21/13 3.2.1068 Change Expired Notification to exclude Wages on front screen, (Wages still avail from dialog box)
6/18/13 3.2.1067 Correction to Check Register report
6/5/13 3.2.1066 Correction to Check Register Excel Report
5/29/13 3.2.1064 Remove State Seal for return of Service Sheets, corrections to delete a posting
5/23/13 3.2.1063 Correction to Modify a Posting Screen.
5/23/13 3.2.1062 Replace State Seal on 32 forms with Court Seal.
5/21/13 3.2.1061 Enhancement to Open a Month to leave disbursed items Closed.
5/1/2013 3.2.1060 Correct prior open report to exclude Dollarge only payments
4/29/13 3.2.1059 Add Grand Total to Held in Abayance and Dollarage Protected Reports.,
4/24/13 3.2.1058 Change Duplicate check in add a new docket to include county
4/15/13 3.2.1057 Updates to reconcilliation form to ensure Deposits In Transit is filled in., Tweaks to Importing SSN's
03/11/13 3.2.1054 Corrections to Importing of Credits File, reporting of 5% satisfied for POB's
03/4/13 3.2.1052 Change HTTP Upload to Pressler to HTTPS Protocol.
02/28/13 3.2.1051 Fix for Account Sheet Printing and Updates to Pressler
02/25/13 3.2.1050 Improvements to SSN Import and Credits Import to handle Writ Numbers.
01/28/13 3.2.1048 Numerous small fixes to enhance Writ Number tracking.(***PLEASE NOTE, DB MUST BE UPDATED***)
12/27/12 3.2.1039 Addition of Writ Number to Docket number per request of Courts. (Being tested, release date to be determined)
10/11/12 3.1.1026 Remove Voided checks from Check Register Report, Correct over writing of Refund Check Number during check run. Correct Individual Check screnn to list Attorney Refund Checks for disbursement.
9/15/12 3.1.1025 Improve Combined NTD to page break after each docket,
9/05/12 3.1.1023 Corrections to Revised Notice to Debtor
8/28/12 3.1.1021 Revised Notice to Debtor for 9/4/12 revision.
4/22/12 3.1.1020 Correction to Change a Lawyer to include changes to all open documents with that Docket Number.
03/14/12 3.1.1019 Correction to Refund Check Calculation for multiple line items.
02/21/12 3.1.1018 Add details to Individual Check, Add feature to select and include multiple deposits on Refund Check Screen
02/06/12 3.1.1017 Correction to Oustanding Checks Screen, Fix issue on proper listing on Unclaimed Checks, Add feature to select and include multiple deposits on the Individual Check Screen, make changes to Asset request letter., Add more Information to docket Info Screen
11/17/11 3.1.1016 Change Sort order of Initial Notification Cards to Sort By Attorney name.
10/18/11 3.1.1015 Added Asset Request Letter on Docket Screen for Pro-Se Executions and Levy's
9/1/11 3.1.1014 Change tab order on Levy Cert Screen, Alter Switch Docket to allow Returns Items to Switch.
8/15/11 3.1.1013 Check for outstanding Levy's when status changed to Bankrupt or Vacated, Correct month end posting of checks to only mark entries as posted with actual payments. Improve Deletetion of Posting to reflect whether cash receipt or credit in history. Correct Transfer of Deposit to properly reflect lawyer on new docket.
6/7/11 3.1.1012 Improvements to Personal Item Levy, Add Export Cash Receipts and Check Register to Excel.
6/3/11 3.1.1011 Personal Item Levy, Remove Garnish Letter from Aut Updates to Pressler.
5/31/11 3.1.1010 Updated Drivers for Twain Scanner drivers. (supports newer more twain scanners)
5/23/11 3.1.1007 Enhance Docket Info Screen to show notes.
5/19/11 3.1.1006 Corrections to Void a Check and Refund Screens.
5/16/11 3.1.1004 New Feature to transfer a Deposit from one Docket to another from the modify a posting screen.
5/12/11 3.1.1003 Addition of Levy tracking Status on Deposits screen, Changes to Return Screen to Warn about dollarage for Refunds, Corrrect errors in Voiding Checks, Change behavoir of Docket lookup when lookup is done by File Number.
4/10/11 3.1.1002 Add feature to include Garnishments to Return Expired Writs, Change Dollarage Calculation to exclude dollarage deduction from 5% POB rrtainage.
3/8/11 3.1.1001 Correct return writs screen to not freeze on not returning a writ and add ability to exclude Dollarage Protected writs to return satified and expired writs.
2/22/11 3.1.1000 Add Feature to semi-automate return of satisfied and expired Writs, Alter Close a Monthin setup section to only close items which were actually disbursed instead of everything for that month.
1/31/11 3.1.999 Semi Auto Credit Posting Feature added to process Credits provided in a text file.
1/11/11 3.1.998 Docket Analysis report changed to use City of POB for Garnishee's
12/13/10 3.1.997 Correction to footer on WR invoices
12/6/10 3.1.996 Correction to Void a Check listing credits, correction to Disbursment report for dollarage and totals to reflect multiple months. EDI Transfers to include FTP. (FTP In Beta only)
9/27/10 3.1.995 Correction to Deposit Analysis Report grouped by user.
9/20/10 3.1.994 Add ability to alter message on WR invoices, Change Auto printing of Writs to include Pg2 and Pg3
9/15/10 3.1.993 Add Voided Check register report
9/12/10 3.1.992 Add handling for Page 2 and Page 3 for scanning of Writs, Add button to Re-process Archived SSN's
9/1/10 3.1.991 Fix Pro-se levy instruction sheet to work wtih new Noticer to debtor
8/31/10 3.1.990 Fix add new dockets for levy not adding to levy forms automatically.
8/28/10 3.1.988 Updated Notice to Debtor Per Court Changes for 09/01/10, Added ability to print Docket Info Screenshot, corrected Docket Entry to better handle erroneous Judgment date, Added Feature to Upload missing SSN Request to Pressler. Modified Message on Dokcet returns to include amount of credits in totals.
6/10/10 3.1.984 Correction to Refund Screen for imporved history tracking
6/3/10 3.1.983 Corrections to Post a deposit to improve Auto Satisfaction of garnishment dockets
5/29/10 3.1.982 Add Letter to Plaitiff/Attorney for garnish Satisfaction, Msg and reports for Expired and Expiring Writs to better comply with AOC mandates.
5/18/10 3.1.981 Modifications to automatic behavior of automatically creating return info for garnishments.
5/12/10 3.1.979 Modify automatic behavior of automatically creating return info.
5/11/10 3.1.978 Add notes to Lawyer List and POB to claify usage.
5/5/10 3.1.977 Modify Docket Log Audit reports to run based on issue date instead of enter date, Add feature to stamp return info on Scanned Writs when physically returning writ and tracking of return date.
4/10/10 3.1.976 Correct Check register Report to include 'Dollarage Checks', Add option for Details on Outstanding Checks Report, Add total count of dockets to Docket Log Audit Reports. Add Option for Details to Outstanding Check Report, Add ability to Make an Attorney, bank or POB Inactive so they will not show up (hidden) on the lists anymore, they remain in history. Change Auto Status Updates to only include, intial entry of Writ, When Bank levy servied, Affidavit of levy and Cert, Turnover Order, POB Audit Letters, and Physically returned to Court. Add note on screen to alert that a docket has been physically returned. Add FileNo to Audit reports.
3/4/10 3.1.975 Add Confidentiality clause to bottom of all Garnish Letters and Notices
2/20/10 3.1.974 Add ability to change Name and address of who a Refund check is made to at time of printing
1/20/10 3.1.973 Change Judgment date acceptable range to warn if greater than 2 years old (Was limiting to 20yrs as an absolute barrier), Correct error on how an individual check is entered onto the Outstanding Check List.
12/31/09 3.1.972 Add feature to export achived SSN List to Excel Spread sheet
12/28/09 3.1.971 Expand Auto update to include all updates except inital entry of Docket
12/17/09 3.1.970 Add Auto Update choice to company setup to choose whether or not to auto send updates for forms.
11/21/09 3.1.968 Add Feature to simplfy updating notes at the same time as adding info updates.
11/16/09 3.1.966 Add feature to automatically remove Docket from New SSN list if forms are printed.
11/14/09 3.1.965 Add feature to import SSN's from text file
11/10/09 3.1.964 Add feature to upload Status Updates via internet (requires IIS 6 w/ASP.Net)
11/4/09 3.1.963 Add Feature to upload information updates to attorneys web servers.
10/26/09 3.1.962 Change WR Invoices to allow for more than 32,000 invoices.
10/22/09 3.1.961 Correct updating Lawyer in History from Docket Entry Screen.
10/21/09 3.1.960 Add ability to see modify a posting in 'Read Only' mode for disbursed entries. Corrections to history entries on Levy Certification Screen.
10/17/09 3.1.958 Exemption Notification Letter to Court
10/15/09 3.1.957 Add Fax to Notification Card, Correct Satisfaction Date on Docket Entry Screen, Change Docket Label to Show Date Issued instead of Date Entered, Change Affidavit to Enter History on only first item printed for a docket, Correct Docket No. Screen. Update variables in WR screens.
10/8/09 3.1.956 RE-work Post a deposit Screen to further enchance Showing Garnish Satisfaction Letters
10/3/09 3.1.955 Add Judgment Date to Overpayments, Change History Note on Levy Certification to better reflect action.
9/30/09 3.1.954 Re-work 'Modify Status' screen and 'Post Deposit' screen to show all Granish satisfaction letters (4) as appropriate.
9/24/09 3.1.953 Enhance Outstanding Check screen to show details for Refund Checks and Dollarage Checks
9/21/09 3.1.952 Update Notice to Defendant with new garnishment Minimum (217.50),
Bank Levy Affidavit and Turnover Order Tracking (Requires DB update)
8/25/09 3.1.951 Make adjustment to Open/Close a Month to allow use with Newer SQL 2005 DB engine.
8/13/09 3.1.950 Add Lookup Lawyer Address and Bank Address on main Docket Entry Screen.
8/11/09 3.1.949 Add Held In Abeyance List report, Add link to start remote support session, shrink CO-55.
8/6/09 3.1.948 Re-Work Deposit Screen so Credits will update history as a 'Credit Memo Applied', Change so Credits will not require a check number, or require a check type to be selected and will default to 0.00 for dollarage.
6/30/09 3.1.947 Add History Entry to change of Lawyer., Update Notice to Defendant with new garnishment Minimum (196.50), Add step to check for existing Bank Levy's when deleting a bank. Add Screen for return of line item payment to Attorney so it be re-disbursed to correct Attorney. Enhanced adding of Attorney and Bank From Docket Screen to select last added item.
5/25/09 3.1.946 Add display of Disbursement Check No. to Acount Sheet.
04/28/09 3.1.945 Modify Post a deposit Type to prevent errors when choosing 'cash receipt' or 'credit', Modify Levy to not update bank after editing note, Enhance Voiding a Split Check to reverse the partial amount disbursed so it can be re-disbursed.
04/03/09 3.1.944 Added Choice to Bank Levy screen to print either a summary Notice to Debtor for each docket or an individual Notice to Debtor with the Bank filled in.
03/23/09 3.1.943 Add scan count to 'Scan Docs' button on all screens
03/17/09 3.1.942 Shift location of Date on all Checks to better fit check layout, redo Deposit Analysis report
02/19/09 3.1.941 Change Expiration of Warrant of Arrest from 6 mo to 2 yrs.
(At attorneys discrestion he can recall after 6 mo and send to sheriff's dept)
02/10/09 3.1.940 Change Sort order on Deposit Analysis to better reflect order of entry into system
02/04/09 3.1.939 Add feature to check for pending 'Bank Levy's' when changing status to "held in abayence" and remove them if desired. Change Drivers Lic info to permantly sticky.
01/21/09 3.1.938 Correct Void a Dollarage check to Void amounts from running totals as well,
Add Sticky feature to requestor Drivers Lic on MV Info request.
12/19/08 3.1.937 Add facility to run SQL DB Backup from NJCC program.
12/3/08 3.1.936 Revise Dollarage Protected report to exclude 0 balance dollarage., Monthly Audit Log Report
11/15/08 3.1.935 Update DO-11A to print on more printers,Add Bank Verified to Overdue report,
update how Direct submission to Pressler works.
9/24/08 3.1.934 Add MV Lien release letter, Fix Attorney Selection on SSN request
9/10/08 3.1.933 Add Direct Internet submission of Check remittance info to Pressler's Website
9/3/08 3.1.932 Add 'Urgent Message' Warning for special Notes
8/14/08 3.1.931 Restrict 'Pro-Se' from being editied, Add POB Search Report, add space for larger docket number on Deposit Analysis and Cash receipt Rpt, Add Company Name ot remit to on Garnishee Letter.
7/15/08 3.1.930 Change Motor Vehicle Registration Request to DO-11A
5/23/08 3.1.929 Change CO/SS-55 Motor Vehicle Seizure Forms
5/05/08 3.1.928 Change Dollarage calculation on interest order
4/24/08 3.1.927 Change definition  of EDI file layout, Improve 'sticky' directory for saving of EDI files, improve add/deleting lawyers, Add History for Notice to Defendants for Bank Levy's
3/24/08 3.1.926 Correct change default printer to work properly for all printing.
3/15/08 3.1.925 Add Report to request SSN 'numbers from Attorneys
3/06/08 3.1.924 Add Bank Verified to Docket for informational purposes
2/28/08 3.1.923 Change limitation of 2 year old writ to a warning that it is two years old so you can still enter old Garnishments.
Add SSN and filenumber to EDI Check remitttance
improve Edit note screen cursor location
2/23/08 3.1.922Lite Change remit to for centralized receipts.
2/7/08 3.1.922 Add county to remittance sheets on checks, add EDI capability for large check remittance
1/17/08 3.1.921 Improve error handing on MTD totals screen
Simplify Adding Interest orders on Modify Balance Screen
Limit Date of Release to On or After Date of Deposit
12/29/2007 3.1.920 Add Garnishments to Chance Levy screen
12/19/2007 3.1.919 Add Criteria to Chance Levy's (Verified, Activity)
Add Bank account 'verified'
11/7/2007 3.1.918 Fix Docket search on Deposits to allow access to setscreen
10/29/2007 3.1.917 Add Change Satisfied and Print Writ to Chance Levy Screen
Please feel free to contact us at (or 201-986-2047) for any questions that you may have.